lundi 22 octobre 2012

Your Self Esteem In Clothing

With the teenager crowd becoming more and more obsessed with what they wear, the majority
of their self-esteem comes from their fashion sense. Companies have figured out that if they
can jump on this new trend, the money would begin to filter its way into the hands of the
corporate leaders. This is part of the reason why Self-Esteem Clothing was created, as they
began to provide t-shirts and other such accessories. A few of their earlier shirts had different
sayings or one liners on them that made them offensive, thus they had to be recalled.
This company did, in fact, start providing something that brought many more curious eyes on
their products. They began a website that allowed the people who logged on to communicate
with others on the site. By doing this, they also jumped onto the Network Site craze, drawing
more youth. They even promote essay contests for those who log onto the site. A prize is then
given to the one that is chosen.
By walking through your local mall, you can see the affects of clothing on people. In fact, this is
not only the case with many teenagers, it is the same with full grown adults as well. Clothing
reflects the self-esteem one has for themselves, revealing their level of confidence in their
identity. This is why Self Esteem Clothing is such a catchy name.
Since women are the obvious focus of the American culture in way of looks and physical
appearance, Self Esteem Clothing is specifically designed for women. This focus on the
physical appearance is one of the major reasons that women, by a large margin, hold the most
confidence and self-esteem issues across the board.
Since this is the case, the style of clothing that is provided is mainly casual, since the only true
sense of self esteem can come when someone is able to live and breathe, moving around in
their individual body. Confidence, true confidence, is not produced if the confidence disappears
after you take your clothing off.
Feel good about yourself has nothing to do about what you are wearing or what is said about
you, it is all about how you see yourself and what your believe to be true about yourself. Since
this is, in fact, the truth in every case, Casual clothing is one of the best options, as it does not
attempt to cover up anything.
Due to the overwhelming lack of confidence found in the teenager arena, it is evident that the
younger generations tend to feel more passionately about their appearance than any there age
group. This may be because of their constant interaction with their peers in school, as they deal
with acceptance issues on more than a daily basis. This can be quickly stifled by the constant
bombardment of encouragement and support from their loving, unconditional parents.
However, like with anything, there is always a balance to be discovered. When your child, for
example, goes out and comes back with one of the most bizarre designs for a shirt your eyes
have ever beheld, this is not always due to peer pressure. Learn what is pressure induced or
self image induced. Once distinguished, let them be their own individual.
Now that we have come to the end of this article, you might be asking, "Well, what does all of
this mean?" This is an excellent question and is usually asked by those that have no problem
dealing with life's ins and outs. For those of us that have a history with the lack of self-esteem,
we might be asking the question, "How am I able to gain this confidence in myself?" It all boils
down to trusting that you have been uniquely and individually created, and that you are not
subject to anyone’s accusations or judgments. The truth is, confidence in yourself means
trusting yourself, that is, being able to look in the mirror and say, "Yes! This is good enough for

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