lundi 22 octobre 2012

Activities In Building Self-Esteem In Children

When bringing up a child, one of the biggest concerns that face parents is their child's Self-
Concept and Self-Esteem. Parents must try to find a balance when teaching their children how
to value themselves and their natural abilities; allowing them enough independence to grow and
learn to make their own decisions, whilst at the same time guiding them on the right path. This
gives them Self-Esteem.
Allowing your child too much freedom can make them rebellious as they get older, whilst if you
are overly strict this can lead them to losing their independence and self confidence; which may
lead to dependency on others. They may be not be able to face the big, wide world on their
own which is what any parent would wish to avoid - a child that is too clingy.
Anyone can develop Self-Esteem at any age but encouraging your child to learn from an early
age and praising their individual talents, will help to build their trust in their own decision making,
as they grow in confidence and learn to recognize their own natural gifts - a step towards
building their Self-Esteem.
The following are activities to help increase your child's Self-Esteem:
Self-Affirming Statements
Stand facing a mirror, telling yourself what a great person you are; this may seem childish, but
for a child, it is a great, fun way to boost their Self-Esteem as well as yours - try it! You don't
have to stick to the mirror process, but make up your own words of 'Self-Affirming Statements'.
Remember to stick to these basics and you should do fine.
Create mantras that a child can remember easily. Each morning, start by saying the mantra to
your child, and have them repeat it back to you so that it becomes their mantra. They do not
have to be statements about yourself, they could be about each other, such as, "I love you", or
statements about complimenting each other. The mantras can vary, as long as the essence is
on 'affirming oneself'.
The Positive Trait Game
The Positive Trait Game is an activity that boosts Self-Esteem as well as helping to increase
your child's vocabulary. The game involves telling each other a Positive Trait that you can see
in the other, by using a word - only the key point of the game involves thinking of a word that
begins with a specific letter of the alphabet. The child learns by picking up new words that they
haven't come across and understanding their meaning for future use - that is to say they are
increasing their vocabulary.
This encourages your child to think positively about themselves; to acknowledge and recognize
their own unique traits and talents. They will grow up knowing where their strengths lie.
Engaging In Activities That Your Child Love
Involve your child in a variety of activities that will encourage their own talents and abilities. Be
open-minded and enroll them in Summer classes, including activities that are new to them, to
broaden their horizons and increase their skills. Even if they don't enjoy themselves, at least
they will have acquired new skills. Helping them to discover new talents that they are good at,
will boost their Self-Esteem at an early age. What better way to increase their enthusiasm to
learn and develop more!

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