lundi 22 octobre 2012

Help Build Your Partners Self Esteem

As life partners, couples are responsible for each other, in taking care of each other's needs.
This is even more so when dealing with psychological matters. It is very important for a person
to strive to help their partner to improve on their Self-Esteem at this difficult time.
This is the opportune moment of expressing your love for your partner and to show that you
care, by helping him or her to improve on their Self-Esteem. By boosting their Self-Esteem, you
improve your chances of a longer, more stable relationship, which is what most couples hope
for in a long term commitment. Relationships can continue to be successful if both partners are
akin to one another, whether it be on an emotional or psychological level. Maturity is an
indication when you have a healthy Self-Image and Self-esteem. The following are ways to help
your partner improve on their Self-Esteem:
Acknowledge that no one person is 'perfect'
Always bear in mind know that no one person is perfect, so you shouldn't expect that of your
partner or yourself for that matter. Believe, instead, that there is the capacity for everyone to
change if they want to. So, whatever, the current state your partner is in, know that this
situation can just as easily change given time and effort.
Be accepting of your partner for who they are as a person, an important point to keep in mind.
We are all individuals. You should never say to your partner that you wish that they were
someone else, as this may have a lasting, damaging effect which can take a long time to heal,
and a lot of effort to repair. If you really love your partner, accepting who he or she is really
counts, along with their flaws and shortfalls.
Do not hold back on giving praise and compliments
If your partner has accomplished something that is worthy of praise, then feel free to praise or
compliment them for their efforts. This is most effective, if you give your partner at least one
compliment a day. Compliments, no matter how small, mean a lot. As an example, when your
partner is getting ready for work, let them know in words how wonderful they look in their office
suit; or if they are wearing a new after-shave, or perfume, tell them how good they smell. That
should give them a smile that will last all day!
Giving your compliments not only works wonders for improving your partner's Self-Esteem; it
can also bring more magic into your relationship. Always avoid giving harsh criticisms.
By paying compliments you shouldn't feel that you have to lie, but you should also be careful not
to be brutally frank. If you don't like what they are wearing it is better to say instead, that you
preferred what they wore last week, than to say that they look awful.
Keep your ears open at all times - listen to your partner
One of the key secrets to a lasting relationship is good communication on a daily basis. It is
equally important to listen to each other, as it is to talk to one another. Be your partner's most
captive audience. Whenever he or she is saying something, always give them your full
attention. Knowing that you are listening attentively, is a huge confidence booster for anyone,
so increasing his or her Self-esteem.
By following the guidelines above, you can help your boost your partner's Self-Esteem and
Confidence. Once your partner's Self-Esteem has reached an acceptable level, you will notice
that your relationship has also improved along with it. So it is truly worth taking all the time
necessary to do these things - right now!

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