lundi 22 octobre 2012

Self Esteem Determines Who We Are

Self-esteem plays a great part in how well we do in our lives, which isn't that obvious to us, so it
can determine how successful we become. Our views of ourselves, what we think of our
abilities and innate talents, affect our thought patterns. These thoughts are then turned into
The actions we take in life are very important, as we use them to realize our dreams. If we do
not reach the goals we set for ourselves, or fulfill our dreams, it could be that we are not taking
the right steps towards reaching our potential, or that you are actually doing something wrong.
Most people do not realize that there is a link between our thoughts and actions. When you
have positive thoughts, your actions are very positive, and at the opposite end of the scale, if
you have negative thoughts then you are likely to project that into negative actions and may
become inactive.
We all have dreams and ambitions and to fulfill those does take time. What gives you the drive
and determination to succeed is high Self-Esteem. This can give you that extra push and
willpower to reach your goals. Low Self-Esteem can, as a consequence, be a stumbling block
to reaching your potential, as the difficulty you face is being able to carry out the actions
necessary to help you reach your goals.
Basically, Self-Esteem is about how a person views themselves and their abilities. Feeling
positive about oneself will give us high Self-Esteem; having a low opinion about oneself will in
effect give us lower Self-Esteem.
We lower our Self-Esteem by personal criticism, which is the worst kind as this can be soul
destroying. You should not tell yourself, "I cannot", or "that is just so impossible" as criticizing
yourself leads to self doubt. It is better to use positive words and thoughts that instill confidence
in yourself, then you can achieve anything you set your heart on. Believe in who you are!
So, what should you do to build up your Self-Esteem? Your thought patterns plant the root
feelings which we then act upon, so it is important that you try to keep positive thoughts which
you find beneficial. It is best to focus your attentions on your successes and your
achievements, rather than your failures and losses. We all mistakes, but it is best not to dwell
on them. By looking at your past and remembering what you've achieved isn't part of vanity, it's
acknowledging and recognizing your abilities.
We have all accomplished something in life and by sitting down and making a list of all those
achievements, it allows you to look back and remember those great moments. You can relive
the hurdles and obstacles that you overcame to meet the challenges you faced; it is quite a
surprise when you see that you have already achieved so much in life. At times when you have
the greatest feelings of self doubt, this list is something you can refer to remember those
wonderful achievements. As you succeed in doing more things, you can add them to your list.
You should always remember that Self-Esteem and success in life are correlated, so work at
improving the quality of your thoughts for future success.

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