lundi 22 octobre 2012

Developing Self Esteem During Childhood

The building of self-esteem starts in childhood. This means that as parents you have a
responsibility to help your son or daughter to have a healthy self-image of him or herself. A
healthy self-image is the cornerstone of good self-esteem.
How important is self-esteem in a child's development? Developing self-esteem during
childhood is very crucial. This is because it could affect the child in every stages of his or her
development. How he looks at him or herself will definitely affect his or her future relationships,
career development, confidence, prosperity and even happiness. Studies have shown that one
of the traits happy people share is having a positive self-image of themselves.
How does a parent that his or her child has a healthy self-image? There are several ways to do
this. Below are just some of the things you can do to develop your child's self-esteem.
Never compare your child with other children
The single most devastating thing a parent can do to ruin his or her child's self-esteem is to
compare him or her with other children. Unfortunately, comparisons are very much a part of our
culture particularly our schooling system. One of the ways a child gets compared to other
children is through peer pressure.
Every child knows that there is tremendous pressure from other children, particularly from the
ones in school to conform to the ways of a certain group. That is why in school you can see
several cliques and these groups can be identified with different labels. There are the jocks, the
jerks, the nerd or geek, the addict, the slut, etc. These groups are inherently not bad but
oftentimes group's identity precedes the individual's identity which could lead into a loss in
identity and eventually low self-esteem.
To most adults these are just groups and labels but for a young innocent child the cliques are
their world. Your child intentionally or not gets labeled and his or her tendency to is group with
the ones with similar ideas and interests.
Always praise and encourage your children
When you talk to your child, always remember to use positive and encouraging words. If your
child has done something praiseworthy then do not hold back on the kind and beautiful words.
Doing so will do wonders for your kid's self esteem. It does not matter whether the act is big or
small. If he did something good then praise him for it. There is nothing more discouraging than
the feeling of not being appreciated for the things that you have done.
Praising and encouraging children provides them with a positive self image of themselves. For
them, it means that they are important enough for you to notice and recognize their
achievements in life.
By constantly giving kind encouraging words to children, you can ensure that they will grow
healthy psychologically.
Of course if they did something wrong, children should be reprimanded. But should do it in a
way that it won't hurt their ego and damage their esteem. Whenever they have done something
that is less than d desirable always make it clear to them that you are not in favor with the deed
and not with them.
Remember, developing your child's self-esteem is very important in his or her progress. Just
follow the guidelines to make sure that your kid will grow up mature emotionally and mentally.

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