lundi 22 octobre 2012

Building Self-Esteem In The Eyes Of A Kid

Our children are our country's future. Without proper training, they will not learn the skills
passed down from the older generation, and they will not learn to advance which is what we
expect of our children. It is important that parents, teaching staff and our friends all help in
building Self-Esteem in a child.
Parents should begin at home by showering affection by rewarding good deeds and also
acknowledging them, whilst untoward behavior must be met in a subtle, but effective manner.
Self-Esteem isn't just about giving words of encouragement. You should also teach your child
to become independent - parents can do this by allowing their child to learn a new hobby, sport
or musical instrument.
When a child is old enough, they may want to take on a paper round, or carry out chores like
mowing the lawn for extra pocket money, which teaches them what it is to work hard, rather
than it being carried out by you or another member of the family. It also gives them satisfaction
if they are helping family out.
Parents must always keep an open mind when communicating with their child. School can
encourage untoward behavior, as they mix with other children and they may give in to peer
pressure. Your child may think that something is cool when it is actually a silly prank, so legal
guardians have to remain vigilant at all times.
In school, teachers serve as your child's legal guardians. Grades are just one way of measuring
how well a child is progressing or not; look out for evaluation exams or disciplinary records that
other institutions may administer. This gives you a fuller picture and a better understanding of
how well a child is developing.
If your child is getting low grades, or getting into fights, this can be very alarming. A child's low
Self-Esteem could be down to their not digesting what is taught in class or it could be that there
is a problem at home. This matter, would involve calling in the parents and principal, and
sometimes even a Child Psychologist.
Children make lots of new friends in school. Some may even become lasting friendships that
last a lifetime. Building Self-Esteem in a child also involves making sure that they hang out in
the right crowd. Being with people who share the same values as well as being different, all
help to make someone into a law abiding citizen.
Parents are usually to blame if they don't encourage Self-Esteem in their child, and seemingly
become a part of the 'Yob Culture' of today's society. Numerous teens that have been arrested
as part of a group involved in shooting sprees around the country, have been tried as adults
once a case has been brought to court.
Self-Esteem is not something that is inherited at birth. It is developed at those crucial early
years by words of encouragement and actions. Is there such a thing as too much praise?
Some people agree that there is as failures can also teach a person to learn more and become
a stronger person than they were to start with.
Is it ever too late for anyone to build up their Self-Esteem? The answer is no, as we continue to
learn whilst we are still alive, so one can always evolve into a better person!
There are many resources about Self-Esteem - books, tapes and DVD's. There are also
professionals in counseling. These, together, with shared experiences from family and friends,
can all help to shape your child, so that they become a productive member of society. They
may even be a role model for others! What a proud moment for any parent or guardian!

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