lundi 22 octobre 2012

How Self Esteem Workshops And Seminars Can Help You

Self esteem basically deals with how a person thinks about his or her own self. It is the mental
self image that we have of our selves, and can play a huge part in your success or failure as
may be the case. A person with good self esteem thinks positively about them self, while the
person with a low self opinion is flooded with negative emotions. Gillian Butler and Tony Hope,
through their book titled Managing Your Mind, tell us a lot about the characteristics of low self
esteem. In fact they give us a list of synonyms that describe low self esteem.
-The feeling that no one loves you
-Too much dependence on others and an inability to make decisions independently
-Feelings of jealousy
-Too much worry
-Too much fear of trying new things in life
-Trying to be perfect all the time
-Difficulty in recognizing feelings in the self and in others
-Feelings of frustration
-Too much Anger
-A need to be better than others
-Poor performances at work or school
-Too critical of your self and of others
-Too much bad health
-A poor stance and posture
-Refraining from looking at people eye to eye
-Drug and Alcohol abuse
-Bad eating habits
-Feelings to hurt yourself
It is true that the best time to get a high self esteem is when you are a child, but that does not
mean you cannot help it once you are an adult. When you are a child you cannot control your
surroundings but when you are an adult you can do so, you are in control of your life. Attending
a self esteem seminar is one of the best options for adults looking to improve their self esteem.
These seminars normally last from one to three days and can do a lot for your self image.
When you look at the most successful people in life you will understand how much a healthy self
esteem can do for you. The reverse is true as well – most of the problems faced by society
today can be traced back to low self images that people carry of them selves, which can turn
them to be destructive towards themselves and to others in the society as well. If you find your
own self in such a frame of mind, maybe you should consider attending a good self help
seminar. If you feel you do not have the time or the money to attend such seminars, that
shouldn’t stop your efforts to improve the self image. You could always opt for self help books
and articles and e-books on the net. After all, it is you who will benefit from this process, so don’t
give up easily. Don’t give up till you have a healthy self image and thereby a successful life.

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