lundi 22 octobre 2012

Developing Self Esteem In Our Children

The world is slowly becoming a different place than we remember. Growing up used to be fun
with all sorts of secure benefits given to us through our parents, the municipality’s handling of
the local parks and the quite summer nights. This is no longer the only reality that exists, as the
media and peer pressure seems to have skyrocketed in the past ten years. Self-Esteem is truly
the only line of defense any child has as they make their way into a broad, new world, and we
are the ones that can learn this from.
While our children are young, they seem to always mimic our every move. This is seen as cute
and actually builds our self-esteem, however there is a certain age when a child needs to stop
mimicking and begin living their own, individual life. We need to usher them into this, so they
may never be left behind.
Of course, our goal as parents is to have our children grow to be mature individuals. This is the
goal for anyone who has cared for somebody else! However, our natural instincts tell us that we
need to hover over indeed, to completely protect our offspring in order to provide and caring
shelter so they will not get hurt. These are the children that over overprotective parents,
causing a real issue in the child's perception of how life is lived, inhibiting their mental abilities
needed for them to think for themselves.
So we need to find a balance between raising our children in order for them to live as
individuals, yet protecting them through our love for them. By showing them how to live through
displaying our own self-esteem can cause an incredible impact on their outlook on life.
Allow the kid to flourish and grow at his own pace and time. The biggest mistake you can do this
may sound like a great strategy, however, in order for us to do this, we need to treat our children
as if they already are individuals, not our property to protect. This is what causes them to begin
to realize how life is lived through our examples and observing those who are older. The only
way they can observe us is if they have a little distance in order to receive the full picture.
Keeping them close, though it does protect them, does not train them as they need to be able to
perceive the broader picture.
This is the case with all of life! Yes, nothing is worth living unless it is birthed through pain and
trail. As parents, it might be more difficult for us to allow painful situations or disappointments to
settle on a child than it is for the child to actually live through these moments. Even so, the
parent should rarely step in and prevent these painful experiences, as it is through these
experiences that they will grow and mature into the unique individual you desire them to be.
This will only train them to believe that they can handle difficulty situations on their own, and that
they can do it confidently. This is one of the major benefits of having a high self-esteem: that
you are able to move through each day and take on the day's challenges as if no other day has
existed. The reason this is important is due to their ability to take on the pain and the trail, and
move forward after defeating the issue without looking back. What an incredible ability!
As this article has tried to show that the parental roles in children's lives are critical to their
future's stability, the importance is equally laid on the parents of never giving into their
premature demands. To produce a child that is overly dependant on your every move is
producing a child worthless to society. To produce a free thinker is to create an array of
possibilities for the mature adult. This is how life needs to be lived.

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