lundi 22 octobre 2012

Learn About Building High Self-Esteem

Self esteem is something that every person should have and the loss of it in a person spell
disaster. Just like anything that a person has to have, a person should work at building his or
her self esteem. Before one can do that, there is a need to know things about self esteem. Self
esteem is how a person perceives his or herself. There are various factors that a person should
have a positive attitude about including the value he or she gives to him or herself as a human
being, his or her career and his or her achievements in order to develop a high self esteem.
That is only for starters, one has to go deeper an see a positive meaning to one’s place in the
world and as well as one’s purpose in life. In looking at the future, there should be optimism
while evaluating one’s potential to be successful by working on one’s weaknesses and
highlighting the strengths. Last but certainly not the least a person has to have independence or
the capacity to stand on his or her own to feet because being independent is one good way to
start building a high self esteem.
Knowing all these things will help a great deal but there might also be other factors that you
want to add but this is a really good start already. You might get from the very long first
paragraph that building high self esteem is all about the individual and that is true because your
self worth is obviously based on how the individual sees his or himself.
However the people surrounding a person also has an impact on the self esteem of the
individual concerned especially the people with whom the person has a close relationship with.
This is the reason why there are a lot of cases of damaged self esteems that are somehow
related to emotional and physical battery as well as milder cases of heartbreaks for the
Getting back on your feet has a lot to do with getting that self esteem back after a shattering
experience. It does not matter if you work on building it slowly so long as you are focused at
getting your high self esteem back to where it belongs.
The importance of high self esteem is one thing that we cannot ignore because it is very crucial
as a cornerstone to a happy living. Having a high level of this aspect of yourself will make you
highly motivated to work at achieving your goals will give you the right attitude to be successful
in whatever endeavor one chooses to take.
In fact in a CNN interview with Robert Wagner by the legend Larry King, he was quoted as
saying that “I would tell them the most important thing is to work on your self esteem that is the
best advice I can give.” Take it from someone who knows what he is talking about and to one
who walked the talk. So for those who have low self esteem, look within yourselves and
discover that there is so much about you that you can be proud of.
For those who are lucky enough to already be working on building high self esteem, keep up
with your good work and hopefully nothing will ever crush you should something very
challenging come your way.

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