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How to Retain Self Esteem During Unemployment

How to Retain Self Esteem During Unemployment

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Self esteem elevation is very critical factor leading to employment. It is a natural tendency to be low on self esteem during unemployment. Add to this are the discouraging remarks of the friends and relatives. Even well meaning people with their pity and sympathy hit a severe blow on your self esteem. Even false praise will do no good. We are mature enough to distinguish between true and false and it hurts.


  1. Action orientation. Action is necessary for high self-esteem to take hold and blossom. If you don’t do anything, you can not feel very good about yourself. You know you are still good at certain tasks. Yes as good as you were, when employed. Much better than others who are still employed employed. Your temporary unemployment is for reasons not connected to your attributes or lack of it. Think about your positive contribution and the turnaround it brought in the organizations. Read, re-read, the testimonials and the appreciation letters, draw, re-draw your past career graph, reflect on your professional and monetary growth.
  2. Believe in your ability to be a catalyst for positive change. You will see the action habit as critical and will focus on always being aware of your state of action/inaction.
  3. Take on an all conquering attitude. Just like a battering ram that eventually destroys a gate that blocks the way, these new beliefs will hammer away at your old, established ones. And just like that battering ram that with persistence, will knock the gate down, and will help to replace your weak thoughts and beliefs with new affirming, powerful ones.
  4. Adopt and embrace the image of a person who is peaceful, calm collected, confident and in control. Be at peace with your role in the world, to be accepting of the things you can’t change. And in embracing these habitual emotions, the stress and craziness that may swirl around you every day simply won’t affect you like it currently does.
  5. Get involved in unemployed unions or organisations.


Your intrinsic worth is still intact, though your monetary may have temporarily declined.


  • Self esteem elevation is not a substitute for attributes required for the employment. It would only lead to better utilization of them.
  • Elevated self esteem should not lead to overconfidence or arrogance. On the contrary it should make you more humble and help the people in need to boost their esteem levels.

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